Fine Security Flyscreen for Fine Particulates


Fine Safety/Security Flyscreen for Fine Particulates

Filter out fine particulates and dust from your home. Protect your family with the one and only PM filter mesh with the test result.

Warning: fine particulates from China – are your children safe from fine particulates?

Fine particulates and yellow dust caused by air pollution

Prevent fine particulates + protect your home + stop rainwater leak  with our all-in-one  product.

A perfect product that keeps bugs away and protects your home and health.

Fine Safety/Security Flyscreen for Fine Particulates


Here is the list of frequently asked questions and answers about the Koguryeo Systems products.

How good is it in stopping fine particulates?

Our product stops 90% or more of fine particulates.

Do your products stop fine particulates AND protect home?

The mesh helps stop fine particulates but is not designed for the safety of the children.
You will need two different products for both purposes.

How is this finemesh installed?

Our fine mesh is used in our safety/security flyscreen products.

How do you use it?

The fine mesh is used in safety/security flyscreen products. It is offered as roll blind. Roll it down when you feel the air is stuffy with fine particulates. Roll them up whenever you feel it is not necessary.

How much is it?

Because our products are not ready-made, the price is not fixed.
Prices vary by size. The prices for the fine mesh may be higher because it is used in conjunction with other products.
Contact us at the head office. We will be happy to answer your questions.

Does it stop the rainwater from leaking?

When it is rolled down, it protects your home from getting wet to a degree in the events of unexpected rain.

How long does it take to make the product?

It takes about 7 – 10 days (peak season) or 7 days (off season).

Is there anything I need to watch out when I use the fine mesh?

If it is wet from rain, dry it completely before you roll it up to ensure that it rolls up/down smoothly.