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Koguryo System Co.,LTD. is a company that offers
only the best technology based on our expertise
Jung Su Young
CEO, Koguryo System Co.,LTD.


Believing in the value of master craftsmanship and hard work, Koguryo System Co.,LTD. is dedicated to achieving continued growth.
Founded in 1995, wehavecontinued our efforts and successfully developed the ultimate safety sliding window systems.
Our products are not only safe and innovative but also beautiful to look at, unlike the existing window systems that resemble those of correction facilities.
We believe that our logical way of thinking, reasonable system and novel ideas are what enable us to create quality products. As consumer demands increase and diversify, we work tirelessly to meet those needs with our products of refined and diverse design and quality service.
We are ever grateful for the cooperation we have received in the industry. We promise to return your interest in us with even better products and harder work.
Thank you.

Jung Su Young
CEO, Koguryo System Co.,LTD.

About the Products

Koguryo System Co.,LTD. delivers the safety flyscreens that are durable, easily fitted and safe. Unless you remove the frame itself, our flyscreens cannot be separated or deformed, keeping you safe from burglary and fall hazards. Not only are these flyscreens safe, they are also pleasant to look at, thanks to the smart, luxurious design. Our products have recently been the popular choice for the apartments and houses that have already been built, not to mention the new units and the buildings that have undergone expansion.
With a steady growth of our presence in the market with giant clients such as the Korea Land & Housing Corporation and the top-tier construction companies, we expect to enjoy a considerable growth.


Follow the steps of Koguryo System Co.,LTD.

2015. 03 | Acquired the performance certification
2015. 02 | Filed the patent for the special structural member used in the safety flyscreen
2014. 10 | Registered as the LG Hausys partner
2014. 05 | Registered as the ADT Caps partner (security net)
2013. 04 | Acquired the patent for the functional flyscreen (No. 10-1099770)
2011. 01 | Registered as the Samsung S1 partner (security net)
2011. 10 | Acquired the KS certification mark for the first time in the industry in Korea
2010. 10 | Installed our products at 52 correctional facilities for the Ministry of Justice
2010. 11 | Newly built the new plant
2009. 11 | Acquired the INNO-BIZ certification for small-medium enterprises with innovative technologies
2008. 10 | Moved the head office to Hanam Venture Center
2007. 04 | Acquired the venture company certification
2007. 05 | Launched the research and development team
2005. 09 | Filed the patent for the flyscreen fixing part
2004. 01 | Developed the sliding security window with replaceable 장식부
2004. 04 | Filed the patent for the safety window
2003. 11 | Filed the patent for the security window and its manufacturing method
2001. 05 | Founded Koguryo Metal Industry