Super Cop (Factory)


Automatic Security Shutter Mesh “Super Cop”

Permanent automatic shutter – keep expensive materials at your factory and allow free forklift access unobstructed by lower sill.

Keep expensive materials at your business location – Good news for food/logistics centers and factories!
Super Cop
Security Mesh for Factory

No stump/sill at the entrance – easy forklift access


Here is the list of frequently asked questions and answers about the Koguryeo Systems products.

Can a forklift enter through the door?

Yes, there is no lower bar. Forklifts can enter/exit without a problem.

What do I do when I want to come in from outside?

Our product works with a remote controller. Use it in the same way as you would from inside.

I’m worried that it might make the store front less appealing.

Not at all. Our products keep your store safe and secure, but no less appealing.

Where can I install it?

You can install it at the entrance to your business, store, factory or even home.

Does it come in fixed sizes?

No, we manufacture the products in all sizes.

How much is it?

For more detailed information on the price, please contact us at 1588-3805.