Problem solved!
Regular flyscreens don’t keep you safe.
They just keep bugs away.
Replace them with our innovative safety flyscreen!

About the Product

Safety, security and flyscreen in one!


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Safety/Security Flyscreen

Had enough of structural and functional failures of your windows system? Can’t stand the bare basic windows that collects dust better than what it’s designed for? Koguryo System Co.,LTD. has just what you need. We have 4 distinctive features in one – security, fall-safe features, semi-permanent durability, and flyscreen that keeps bugs away.

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Why is safety/security flyscreen so important?

In modern days, buildings go higher and higher. And we are seeing more and more tragic fall accidents from high-rise apartments, schools, kindergartens, and holiday resorts, not to mention the growing suicides by senior citizens at hospitals. Of all facility repairs following burglary and other incidents, the flyscreen repair accounts for a third. Koguryeo Systems helps keep those repair and maintenance costs down.

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Stay efficient with Koguryeo Systems

Koguryo Systems’ safety flyscreen is markedly different from other products in 7 ways. Designed to fit many window openings at different buildings, our products are easy to install and help reduce time. Your will be happy with your choice.

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