Flyscreen Front Door


Flyscreen Front Door

Appealing, convenient and functional design
Security flyscreen doors for exposed apartment units and country houses


  • The beautifuldesign melts gracefully with your home design.
  • Our products cannot be cut away from the outside.
  • Our products have embedded locks inside the safety door, impossible to reach from outside.
  • The flyscreen is made of stainless steel, making it difficult to damage.
  • The hinge between the door and the frame cannot be undone.
  • There are 2 types: integrated/folding.
  • Our products are highly useful on the apartment units where the front doors are exposed.

Hinge is an element that directly affects the life of security front doors.
An ordinary hinge (usually installed at 3 points) can only withstand 20kg.
Piano hinges withstand up to 200kg.
We have conducted 10,000 close/open tests on our hinges.

Our 0.6mm security stainless steel flyscreen cannot be damaged, even with a knife.
The frame and the mesh hold together tightly under a load of 750kg.
It is impossible to break in by damaging the mesh.

Our products keep you safe from break-in and bugs.
It’s easy to open or close, allowing you to access all doors unobstructed.
They are ideal for use at penthouse, top floors, or apartment units where the front doors are exposed.

With our products, you can now stay safe with your door open.