Basic Flyscreen/Basic Fine Flyscreen


Basic Flyscreen/Basic Fine Flyscreen

Problems with ordinary flyscreen

Bare-basic Function: Faulty corner guides on the sides.
Faulty Structure: The mesh easily tears and separates from the frame.
Unhygienic Material: Dust and rust easily collect in the mesh

Comparison: Ordinary Flyscreen vs. Basic/Fine Flyscreen

Cheap PVC frame/brackets
Glue/metal angled bracket to join with the frame

Aluminum frame/brackets
No distortion/gap

Round PVC fixture
Easily separates under minimal impact
Rubber shrinks/distorts in sunlight

Aluminum corner stakes
No distortion/gap
Withstands up to 200kg
Good resistance against external conditions and weather

Cheap aluminum alloy mesh
Increasing maintenance cost due to damage/weak hold

Stainless steel coated mesh
Appealing and easy to clean
Ideal for long-term use

Cheap plastic roller
Likely to derail or get caught within a year of use

Acetyl roller

Pile on only one side
Easy for bugs to crawl through the cracks

Pile on 3 sides
Keeps bugs away

No lock
Easily develops rust/attracts dust

Double lock
Can’t open easily (password lock available)

Ordinary Mesh

Frame Strength
Mesh Life
Separation of Mesh

Basic Mesh

Frame Strength
Mesh Life
Separation of Mesh